Honduras Sister Parish Mission

Dear Friends in Christ:

One of the strengths of our parish that impressed me immediately upon arrival was our generosity and concern for others, even beyond our parish boundaries. Nowhere is that more evident than in your ongoing and enthusiastic support for our sister parish in Honduras. Through this ministry, we live out an important part of what it means to be Catholic, that is “universal”. Your generosity towards your brothers and sisters in Christ, even those you may never meet in person, is living proof of the saying of St. Paul, “we, though many, are one body in Christ” (Romans 12:5). Your continued support makes a tremendous difference in the life of countless children and families who are our brothers and sisters and in whom we see Christ himself. Jesus tells us, “‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me’” (Matthew 25:40). With that confidence, I ask you to be generous, knowing that every gift you give is a gift to Jesus himself and that he will bless your gift and make it a blessing for you and for our brothers and sisters in Honduras.

About “Honduras”
Honduras is located in Central America and is plagued with immense poverty. Our sister parish, Nuestra Señora de Suyapa, is located in the town of Nueva Palestina.  The lifestyle of our sister parish community is quite simple. Most of Padre’s parishioners are subsistence farmers who earn less than $80/month and support their families the best they can.
  While our brothers and sister may be poor in monetary terms they have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and a strong love of Jesus and the parishioners’ of Saint Michael’s.

Education Program
While tuition is free, many of the families cannot afford the cost of school materials, uniforms, and shoes needed to send their children to school. Furthermore, they were needed to help produce food for the family or assist with the home.
In 2020, St. Michael sponsored 840 children at a cost of $75/year. When we started no student went beyond the 6th grade. We have helped over 2000 children in their studies and over 250 have graduated. 

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Health Program
Since the early years, Saint Michael’s parishioners have been able to assist our sister parish with basic medical needs and hygiene education.   You have provided the funding for:  a part-time doctor, a nurse and 2 health promoters, that work with and treat our sisters and brothers in Nueva Palestina.  Last year, the medical team visited 96 of the 120 aldeas in the parish and saw 4200 patients during their visits.  Learn More

We NEED help !

By having to suspend masses at St. Michael’s in Cary, 
we are not doing our annual fundraising campaigns.

At this time of the year we normally conduct our annual fundraising campaign that funds our:

  • Health, 
  • Agriculture &
  • Spiritual Programs

    This year we are being limited to conducting a direct communication fund raising to our parishioners and supporters.  – 

    Thanks for your generosity and support the direct communication fund raising is working well. THANK YOU for your continue support and we look forward to the Spring General Campaing and the Fall Education Campaings.

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    Please Help!

    Agriculture Program
    In partnership with NC State University, we started an agricultural education program in 2012. We hired a local agricultural graduate to help promote and teach important agricultural skills to students at the Nueva Cholulteca Middle and High Schools and family farmers.  

    For three years, the agricultural program has provided educational activities in crop and vegetable production for high school-age youth on the grounds of the secondary school at Nueva Choluteca. A Honduran university student conducted his undergraduate thesis research at the school.  It demonstrated the appropriate rations of commercial feed for efficient chicken production.   

    PROMESA – The words stand for Proyecto de Mejoramiento y Sostenibilidad Agrícola (Project of Improvement and sustainability Agriculture).  En español, “Promesa” means “promise”. 

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    Spiritual Program
    The parish is supported by its pastor, Padre Angel’s and 3 Franciscan sisters. Padre Angel’s parish covers an area close to 160 square miles including 120 remote villages, called aldeas. Each of the 120 aldeas in Padre’s parish have a spiritual leader referred to as a delegado. These “delegates of the word” make up the pastoral council and provide spiritual leadership to the people in their villages between Padre’s visits.The “delegates” travel monthly to Nueva Palestina where they receive education on their faith to share with their individual communities.
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