Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dear Mission Benefactors,

In accordance with Covid-19 guidelines and direction by our parish office at St. Michael, we will not be hosting our mission collection weekend on May 2nd and 3rd of 2020. The heavy impact the pandemic has caused in many facets throughout our lives continues to weigh heavily on the council of the Sister Parish. We are keeping all of our St. Michael parishioners and their families in our prayers and will continue to lean on the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us during this unprecedented time.


Covid-19 is devastating effects on the people in Honduras given that they are poorly equipped from a Public Health and medical standpoint to handle the effects of the Virus.  Additionally, Honduras is a country of extreme poverty and any impact on their economy is devastating to our brothers and sisters. Our brothers and sisters of Our Lady of Suyapa parish need our support more than ever as they struggle with illness and severe lack of proper health care access, medication, supplies and equipment. The Sister Parish Council of St. Michael is in communication with our Honduran brethren to find innovative ways to help support the new and growing needs from the effect of COVID-19 in Honduras which is driving 7.5% death rate and rising. Our Sister Parish brethren are being shelter in place, their hope is to limit exposure and illness. However, the elderly, previously sick and those without access to healthcare are in grave danger of lack of symptom relief, progression of disease and mortality. 


Although our campaign weekend is suspended, we continue to seek support from the St. Michael’s parishioners. We hope to be able to do our medical campaign later this year. We are asking for your help now to help maintain our critical programs in Honduras as well as provide relief services related to COVID-19. We thank you for your dedicated support to our Honduran community. With our celebration of the 20th year in Christian Solidarity with Our Sister Parish in Honduras, we reflect on the programs positively impacted in their community. 

Please see 2020 video:

• Mission in February to celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Suyapa
• Assistance with building of seven Churches in outlying villages
• Church maintenance, spiritual programs and youth formation support

• 840 students for the 2020 school year and 1,800 children since 2002
• Education mission in February 2020 to help distribute backpacks, school supplies and uniforms

• 992 new roofs and concrete floors
• 958 water filtration systems for clean water
• 568 latrines & 350 smokeless ovens to reduce respiratory illness

• Provided over 20 new farmers with fertilizers, methods and guidance for their corn and yucca crops
• Established a “Demonstration Farm” to highlight the progress we have made and allows farmers to see firsthand the results of improved farming methods so they can do at their own farms, including crops not normally grown in Honduras.

As well as these highlights, please check out our campaign video for the 2020 year: the link can be found on the Sister Parish website or

Your continued support will help maintain the programs and aid in the financial, economic and medical challenges for our Sister Parish. Nothing in this Mission would happen without your continued support. Pope Francis, emphasizes the plight of the poor as he begs for your support for these, the least of our brothers and sisters. 

To provide a donation, please choose from the following:
1. Go to the parish website,; click Give Online, and select the Honduras dropdown button.
2. Mail in a check written to St. Michaels with Honduras Sister Parish as the memo.

Peace in Christ,
The Sister Parish Committee

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