Spiritual Committee Accomplishments:

Since 2001 Saint Michael’s Sister Parish Committee has worked closely with our Sister Parish in Nueva Palistina (Our Lady of Suyapa Catholic Church). We have assisted in the advancement and propagation of Catholic teachings and increasing the spiritual life and faith of our brothers and sisters in Honduras.

Given the large geographic size of the parish community it is difficult for Padre to get out on a frequent basis to visit all the distant villages (communities) in his parish. There are over 100 remote villages in the parish and Padre may only be able to make one visit per year to each village. In order to assist Padre, and under his direction, each village has identified a “Delegado” or Delegate of the Word. There are more than 100 Delegado’s of the Word.

The Delegado’s gather in Nueva Palistina 6 times a year where they come together, under the direction of Padre, for spiritual retreats to receive training, knowledge and communion that they take back to their villages and spread among the people. To support these efforts Saint Michaels has built a Community Center and Chapel that allows the Delegados to live together, eat together and worship together during these retreats in Nueva Palistina so they can grow in their spiritual faith and knowledge. Additionally, Saint Michaels’ assists in providing educational materials, bibles, rosary beads and speakers for the retreats. (See picture of the Community Center)

Padre’s parish has grown considerably over the years and the main church in Nueva Palistina was in dire need of repair and expansion. Through the generosity of the people of Saint Michael’s, we have assisted the local community in building a new Church of worship that now holds over 800 parishioners for mass. (See picture of the new Church) Many Saint Michael’s parishioners have had the opportunity to attend mass with Padre in the new Church and share the Eucharist with their community. The new Church serves as a focal point for the parish and community of Nueva Palistina.

New Church

Padre is assisted by three Franciscan Sisters from Guatemala. The sisters assist Padre in providing spiritual education and community to parishioners of the parish. The Sisters are actively involved in teaching the children of the community, serving as outreach for the poor, and also assist in the retreats when the Delegado’s are in town.

When Saint Michaels sends delegations to our Sister parish our female delegates stay at the Convent as guests of the Franciscan Sister’s.  The old Convent was very small and had serious mold problems.  Again, through the generosity of the people of Saint Michael’s we have remodeled the Convent and created a beautiful place where they can now better serve the people of their community (See picture of the Convent) 

Spiritual Committee Projects:

After assisting with the rebuilding of the new Church, the Community Center and the Convent our focus now is on the spiritual and Catholic teachings of the people.
We continue to provide an annual budget to support the materials for the teachings and continue to support the Delegado retreats
We assist with the budget for Spanish bibles, rosary beads, prayer books and educational materials for all parishioners of the parish.
The sisters have begun higher-level religion teachings for the adults of the community. We are also working with the Franciscan Sisters to assist in their efforts to teach the many children of the parish.
We have seen an incredible outpouring of love and spiritual growth in the parish of Our Lady of Suyapa. We plan to continue to support Padre and the Franciscan Sisters in their efforts to enrich the spiritual lives of our Sister Parish brothers and sisters.

Teach the Children