Dear Mission Benefactors,

In the past year, our Sister Parish Mission in Honduras has been tremendously successful in improving the lives of the families we assist – THANKS TO YOU!

In February of this year, Saint Michael’s sent a delegation to Honduras and they took count of the recent progress. To date we have provided 383 families with new roofs and floors, including 183 new families this year alone, allowing them to be kept dry in the rainy season and out of the mud. While we were able to help almost twice as many families as we helped last year, there are still numerous families living in extremely poor conditions.

Additionally, 958 families received water filtration units and 566 families received new latrines. Thanks to your generous support, we are truly making a difference in their lives.

One of the most exciting and powerful efforts in combatting the cycle of poverty has been our education program. Over the last two years, we have seen a record high 48 students graduate high school. We have assisted over 1,250 children in their education and are currently sponsoring a record 585 children to attend school. We continue our agricultural teaching at the local secondary school, and its influence on the community has been significant and very successful. The school has already harvested two cash crops with more on the way. We are working with the local agricultural school to increase swine production. We have two boars and five sows at the school that are birthing litters for resale to the local farmers to begin their swine herds.

This past year, we sent farmers from Nueva Palestina to visit the local university (UNA) and learn grafting techniques to increase crop production and develop healthier strains of fruit trees. We continue to work with 47 cooperating farmers in seven communities that participate in these educational demonstrations. These efforts, and the work of our Saint Michael’s sponsored agricultural specialist are being continued this year. These efforts have resulted in improved family nutrition, education and health.

In 2015 the medical team completed 129 visits to the various aldeas in the parish, and saw over 3,100 patients, mostly women and children. Again without your support none of this would be possible.

Last summer Saint Michael’s sent two students to Honduras for five weeks to assist the local community with their agricultural, computer and clean water activities. One of the students is in the Masters program for Global Health at the University of Pittsburgh. The other is a high school student who specializes in computer technology. Both efforts were highly successful and have allowed us to accelerate our Global Health and computer initiatives for Padre’s parishioners.

Nothing in this Mission would happen without your continued support. Pope Francis, emphasizes the plight of the poor as he begs for your support for these, the least of our brothers. As Bishop Muldoon, the former bishop of Honduras says “You will be blessed a thousand times over for your generous support for these the poorest among us.”

Our Mission Collection Weekend for 2016 will be held April 23rd-24th during all Masses at St. Michael Church and Green Hope HS. An envelope is provided and can be dropped in the collection basket, at the church office, or can be stamped and placed in the mail.

If you have an employer that matches gifts, please mark your envelope accordingly.

We recognized the need to keep our sponsors better informed thought the year of the progress this ministry is making. To that end we have just implemented a new St Michael’s Sister Parish Ministry website where you find information and progress updates on this ministry.

We thank you, and your brothers and sisters in Honduras thank you for your continued support of this Mission. May God Bless You!!

Peace in Christ,

The Sister Parish Committee

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